Yes im playing WoW...

Im playin WoW (World of Worcraft) and have ben for a very long time. Blizzard kind of ruined it for me for some time ago by tearing the game apart with thier expansions and changes to the gameplay... but the something happened!
They brought back WoW from the good old days (man thats makes me sound old) where your max level was 60 and the game was worth playing!!!
Anyways, i have been playing a lot of different MMORPG games, some better than others, but kind of the only thing they had in common was the friends im playing with... and thats the real reason why a man at my age with wife, 2 children, house and work still finds the time to connect and play some online D&D :-).

Dead gnomes society...

Sound crazy, and im not sure what exactly came up with the name, but thats the guild im a member of. It is not a quick pased guild while it leaves room for guys like me with other things to care about and other responsibilities than the game.
We are all danes (as far as i know) and my online friends is members as well, so i guess it makes sence to keep hanging around here, and tag along when family and work allows it.
So far i have created 4 chars, but have only had time to play with one of them. A new class that i discovered when returned to playing WoW Classic. A rougue :-).


My rougue... and my main char.
Character name:    SeeQue
Seever name:    Pyrewood Village
Talent settings:    Assassination: 19, Combat:32, Subtlety: 0

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Professions:    Crafting: Leatherworking (300)
Gathering: Skinning (300)
SEcondary skills:    Cooking (300)
FirstAid (300)
Fishing (1)