ARM servers

Instead of power hungry conventional servers, i have had my eyes opened for using ARM technology.
Sadly most ARM devices is either made for embedded or small scale appliances, like the Raspberry PI, or they are made by companies that only want to sell to other business's. Ergo a private geek like me have had a tough time getting near a servergrade ARM motherboard unless you either had tons of money and your own company with a B2B connection.

I have tried with Nvidias TK1 which is powerful enough, but with most of its muscles sitting idle in the GPU when using it as a server. I still have planns for experimenting with it, but as a server i wanted something else.

Finally i found a server (or serverlike) motherboard from Gigabyte with a 8 core X-Gene CPU called Gigabyte MP30-AR1.
To much/overkill?? ... Perhaps, but as well as people buy or build street cars with over 500 horsepower with no (legal) way of using it, then why cant i do the same with hardware ;-).

Gigabyte MP30-AR1

AppliedMicro® X-Gene1® processor,    8 x UDIMM ECC DDR3 DIMM slots,    2 x 10GbE SFP+ LAN ports,    2 x GbE LAN ports (Marvell® 88E1512),    4 x SATA III 6Gb/s,    1 x USB 2.0 header,    Aspeed® AST2400 remote management controller

Links / Downloads

The following links and downloads are what i have found for this board. I initially have had success with running a Ubuntu 17.04 on the MP30-AR1, but all support ended for that in 2017, so now im looking for an alternative
Below i have listed some links some links to related to running or installing linux on the Gigabyte MP30-AR1:
Below i have listed ISO's, firmaware, BIOS ect i have found for the board: